Klopp refuses to talk about Van Dijk

Klopp refuses to talk about Van Dijk

Liverpool continues to be associated with Virgil van Dijk despite having problems. Juergen Klopp chose to refuse to talk again about the Southampton defender.

Liverpool have been linked with Van Dijk since several weeks before the summer transfer window officially opened. At first the biggest challenge ‘The Red’ just about the price is pegged high, with Soton reportedly asked for 60-70 million pounds.

But in the process the problem increases because Soton feels Liverpool approach illegally through Klopp, then threatened to sue. In the end this accusation also makes Liverpool declared an end to the hunt against the Dutch international defender and apologize.

However, it is believed the interest of Liverpool against the 26-year-old player has not really ended. They have the opportunity to open the path of negotiation officially with Soton.

To be sure, Klopp did not want to comment anything about Van Dijk. The German manager did not want his statement mistakenly interpreted and potentially make the situation worse again.

“Can I talk about this? No, almost certainly everything I can say would be a mistake, and not because it’s an open issue or something,” he said, quoted Express.

“You and your colleagues wrote everything about it a few weeks ago, I was in Iceland when someone said it was in the paper.”

“Nothing has happened since then, everything’s been fine so far, so I can not say anything about it,” he added.

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