Mbappe Almost Join Real Madrid in 2013, but …

Mbappe Almost Join Real Madrid in 2013, but …

The talented US attacker Monaco, Kylian Mbappe Lottin, another step up to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Actually, PSG is not the ideal club of 18-year-old teenager.

As expressed by Kylian Mbappe’s father, Wilfrid, his son idolized Real Madrid and their star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

He reveals the fact Mbappe actually almost joined the academy of Real Madrid in 2013.

When he was 14 years old, Kylian Mbappe had visited the club facilities and El Real training.

At the moment, Mbappe meets Madrid’s main team players, including Ronaldo.

Mbappe Photo is wearing a Real Madrid drill sweater and posing together CR7 when it is also busy circulating.

Another important figure that Mbappe encountered was Zinedine Zidane.

The coach was then still served as Real Madrid Sports Director.

Zidane also has a supervisor function for El Real’s academy.

Mbappe attracted the attention of Zidane, but the French prodigy bailed out to the academy after Zidane was promoted to assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti in 2013.

“We had a lot of meetings with Monsieur Zidane,” said Wilfrid, who told of his son’s chances of joining Madrid.

“However, since he became the assistant coach of the first team, I am sure Zidane did not have enough time for Kylian,” said the father.

In the same year as Zidane’s promotion as Ancelotti’s assistant, Kylian Mbappe joined the US Monaco academy.

He is forged there to become one of the most sought after European top clubs today.

“If Zidane is still in charge of recruiting and looking for talented young players like Kylian, he will probably join Madrid instead of AS Monaco,” Wilfrid said again.

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