Neville Still Sad When Beckham Leave United

Neville Still Sad When Beckham Leave United

Gary Neville surprised David Beckham’s relationship with Manchester ended badly in 2003. Red Devils legend was still remembering the sadness until now Agen Judi.

Beckham decided to move to Real Madrid after a fight with manager MU, Alex Ferguson. The quarrel was sticking to the media because Beckham showed a scar on his temple after being thrown by Ferguson’s shoes.

Luckily Beckham’s career more brilliant after coming out of Manchester United. He defended a number of giants such as AC Milan, PSG, LA Galaxy.

“At that time the sad word is not the right word to describe it, I’m honestly a little relieved that Beckham finally got out of Manchester United,” said Neville as reported by Manchester Evening News.

“I never imagined Beckham’s relationship with the club as bad as that, Beckham has given a lot of things to United, and vice versa,” he added.

However Neville finally let go of former captain of the England team. Moreover, Beckham always proves his quality in other clubs.

“The career is so great, so the decision to come out of Manchester United does not need to be regretted, which I am obviously proud to play with,” said Neville.

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